Speed Networking Events

It’s the new way to get prepared for the real world of job interviews.  Speed networking takes our current students and fast-forwards them to the job interview process. They will connect with several professionals to discuss their resumes, work and classroom experience and career aspirations. The students will gain an understanding of the interview process and the questions that will be asked and will gain first-hand interview experience.

Professionals will be able to hone the student's interview skills, interact with future recruiting classes and provide feedback to the students in areas they believe are strong and areas the student needs to address – before the student is ready to graduate.

The end result is a student who will have experience in the important interview process before they graduate.  The feedback provided by professionals will prove invaluable as the professional shares positive critique of the interview.  Sign up to participate in this very valuable experience.  Time commitment is minimal.  The Office of Career Development has specific dates for speed networking nights.

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