Ways to use the program

Monday, November 28, 2016

Utilize a few months to build your 'professional presence' to make yourself a more desirable and poised job candidate!  Exceptional Connections is the perfect platform to connect with other alums in your career field or a field you are interested in. 

  • Connect with someone regarding graduate programs - what program did they attend or offer hints regarding the application process or a program that best fit your career aspirations! 

  • Connect with alumni or a recruiter in a geographic location of interest to you - Find out what sorts of industry is successful or growing in that area, what does the housing market look like, are there recreational, cultural or interesting sites locally.

  • Are you changing positions within the same company, moving across the country or heading to graduate school?  Utilize the program to connect with other alums to ask those questions only someone in the field would know, about the school system in the town you're moving to or investigate what graduate program is the best fit for your career aspirations. 

  • Connect to ask questions!  For example:  What qualities does your organization value?  What college roles (athletics, leadership, activities...) are most respected?  What is the best way to apply for a position? What piece of advice can you provide for an entry level professional?